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A nursery for children ages infant through three years old is provided each Sunday during our Sunday worship. The nursery is located in the middle building in our complex.
Nursery 1

The St. Francis in-the-Field nursery provides a safe, clean environment in which children can learn and grow. Our nursery offers love and physical care to all children.

Nursery Hours

The St. Francis Nursery opens 10 minutes before the worship service. Please pick you child up right before communion and you can bring them into worship to participate as a member of the parish family.



– Parents with a child attending the nursery will complete a registration card for each child attending the nursery.
– Parents are the only ones who can check children in and out of the nursery, unless the staff is notified in advance.
– There will always be two people working in the nursery with visible access from the breezeway.
– Parents should not bring a child who has had a fever, diarrhea or a cold in the last 24 hours.
– Parents should be on the premises of the church at all time.


We offer goldfish, animal crackers and water

Nursery 2Volunteers

We ask that all parents volunteer to help in the nursery. We have a rotating schedule for volunteers. Typically, volunteers work once every other month depending on the number of volunteers.

Even if you do not have children in the nursery, please consider volunteering. Volunteers must be at least 14 years old and love children. Contact Kim Digennaro if you would like to volunteer.

Nursery Director: Kim Digennaro