» St. Francis House

While sharing the name of St. Francis, our parish and St. Francis House are separate entities. However, our St. Francis is enthusiastically supportive of St. Francis House. Located in nearby St. Augustine, it serves the homeless and the homeless in transition out of homelessness.

Their Mission and Vision statements say it well:

Our Mission: “At St. Francis House, our mission and approach are simple: create an atmosphere and lifeline of hope that minimizes the suffering of the homeless and the less fortunate.”

Our Vision: “ Our vision is to serve as a leading organization in St. Johns County providing essential shelter, food, and resources, centered on faith-based principles, to the area’s hungry and homeless population regardless of age, creed, color, national origin, disability or sexual orientation.”

Our parish principally supports St. Francis House by collecting, on Sundays, food and personal hygiene items. There is a marked shopping cart in front of the church each week to receive donations.

Also, there are periodic visits by groups from our parish to help with meals at SFH.