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 Many years ago, under the leadership of a previous Bishop of Florida, Frank Cerveny, a companion relationship was forged between the Episcopal Diocese of Florida and the Episcopal Diocese of Cuba.

San Pablo Cuba

There are approximately 45 Episcopal parishes in Cuba and each of our congregations are strongly encouraged to develop a companion relationship with a Cuban congregation.

Companionships are obviously challenging given the relationship of respective countries, but is normally will include a commitment to pray fro one another’s parishes and clergy, make visits when possible, and for us to provide some tangible means of support to our companion parish in the face of their great need.

In 2010 there was begun a companion relationship between St. Francis and San Pablo in Bolondron, Cuba in the province of Matanzas. This relationship has been a rich one for both congregations.

Please see the media tab for photos and videos of previous Cuba trips.

For information about any aspect of the Cuba ministry, including being a part of a future trip, please contact the ministry coordinator, Wayne Novak.