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At St. Francis in-the-Field, giving of ourselves, in gratitude to God, is a big part of our worship.

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Worship is not a mere sentiment, it must move into our world of action and behavior. We show our thanks for God’s generosity towards us in giving of our time, talent, and treasure.

Elsewhere on this website are places to give of time and talent. Here is where we can make our commitment to God financially.


The Standard

Biblically speaking, the minimum standard for giving is the Tithe. “Tithe” means “Tenth.” So, as a Christian disciples we are expected to give a tenth of our income back to God. that sounds scary and for many Americans, we are already committed to other things with our money that that seems an impossibility. We do not see that most people are ungrateful to God, but, rather, that they are concerned about how they could possibly get to that level of giving. One needs a strategy, a plan.

One way we suggest that people can move towards a tithe is by graduated giving. The way that works is that you calculate your current giving percentage and make a plan to increase that percentage each year until one reaches the tithe.

The Scriptures say that “God loves a cheerful giver.” Coming to experience the joy of giving is provided through the experience of disciplined growth in our giving. The financial estimate is an important way to make a definitive commitment to our giving plan.

In the fall of each year we offer the opportunity to make a financial estimate to God through St. Francis. However, a financial estimate can be made at any point in the year by using the form at the bottom of this page.

(Note: the Financial Peace University course is an exceptional way to learn to order a family financial plan. The purpose of this course is not to get someone to give, but to get a better handle on family finances so that all the family financial goals are made clear and met. This course is highly recommended. Click here for more information regarding FPU.)

Capital Campaign

Capital Campaigns are special appeals to our parishioner for financial estimates (usually for a three year giving period) to fund extraordinary expenses of the parish that go beyond the parameters of the annual budget, usually for building expansion.

Currently there is not an active capital campaign.

Giving Estimate 2016